A portrait orientated lino print is shown. it features an image of honeycomb with a yellow and black bumblebee in the middle. above and below are banners containing the words 'don't worry bee happy'
A hand holds up the don't Worry Bee happy art, showing that it is signed and numbered

Don't Worry Bee Happy Limited Edition Lino Print

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This beautiful bee print was hand printed using the reduction print method: this is where the different layers were carved out of the original printing block, meaning that this print can never be printed again (because the lino block has been carved into). It is from a limited edition run of only 10 in the world. In the centre is a black and yellow bumble bee in between a top and bottom banner bearing the words 'Don't Worry Bee Happy'.

Each print comes signed and numbered.

It is perfect for any nature lovers, art, lovers, gardeners or even music lovers, because the title is inspired by the Bobby McFerrin song 'Don't worry be happy'.

Because this is a hand printed item, slight variations may occur - but this is all part of the beauty and charm of hand printing, and should be expected! (Don't Worry Bee Happy!)

Each print is protected by a biodegradable cornstarch wrapper (which can be home-composted) and is sent in a cardboard envelope.

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