Environmental Policy

The environmental impact of Embers and Ink is at the forefront of every consideration I make. I am a one-person business and try to keep my impact on the planet to a minimum. Outlined below are the things I currently do to help our planet and reduce any negative impact caused by my business:

  • Embers and Ink chooses recycled card and paper on all prints and greetings cards produced from 1st April 2020. Older prints may have been created from non-recycled stock, but once this old stock is gone it will be recycled all the way.
  • Embers and Ink packages plastic-free as standard. Period. I am completely against the use of single use plastic in my private life AND my business.
  • Embers and Ink uses biodegradable wrappers to protect prints when selling at outdoor and retails settings. These are made from home compostable cornstarch and are intended to protect the print and avoid waste from fingerprint damage etc. I do not send prints through the post with this bio-film, and Embers and Ink is trying to phase out the need for it at outdoor markets through a revised display of products (with one of each print on display, and prints for sale held away from dirty hands).
  • Embers and Ink works with like-minded small businesses and chooses companies carefully to help create and filful orders. I don't just choose the cheapest! I choose the companies that package plastic-free, that print on recycled materials, that have sustainability built into their business model and businesses that support social and environmental campaigns that help to make the world a better place. Companies I work closely with at the moment include:
  1. Print.Work
  2. Ecologi
  3. Zap Creatives
  4. Teemill
  • Embers and Ink is partnered with the environmental organisation Ecologi and pays a monthly subscription of £5.35 to fund the planting of 4 trees each month in reforestation programmes (plus carbon-capture and offsetting initiatives globally). In addition my website embersandink.co.uk has an Ecologi integration that calculates my monthly income from the site, and takes $0.33 for every $10 earned (that's around £8) to fund the planting of an extra tree per $10 earned. See how many trees we've planted as an Embers and Ink community at https://ecologi.com/embersandink?r=6075ada4fdf35d5e57aabc0b
    We offset our carbon footprint via Ecologi