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Help people when you pre-order this print before 25th June 2021

When you pre-order your ‘It Takes All Sorts’ print, you are making the world a better place: When I set up this pre-order I did so with the intention of supporting a charity. ASSIST Sheffield are a charity that works with the most vulnerable members of our communities and helps to keep them off the street and from slipping into destitution. £5 from each pre-order of the ‘It Takes All Sorts’ print will be donated to ASSIST Sheffield to support their awesome work helping asylum seekers from falling through the cracks. Asylum seekers flee their country of origin for many different reasons including religious persecution, war, threats to life because of sexual orientation and hunger. These are people who need...

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What is a pre-order?

You've probably heard people advertising pre-orders, especially amongst the indie-biz community. But what exactly is a pre-order? Basically, with a pre-order you agree to buy a product before it has been created or officially released, and often your money will go towards the production of the thing you'll be buying. Pre-orders are brilliant ways for small businesses to find out how popular their product idea is before investing a lot of money in it. So if you support a small business pre-order, you'll be helping a business that likely doesn't have the money to waste. And that's a great feeling, right?! But that might not be the only reason! Pre-orders are also a great way to build hype and momentum...

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