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Introducing #embersandinkinthewild

Grab those cameras and start snapping your favourite Embers and Ink purchases to be in with a chance of winning a discount code for embersandink.co.uk! How to get involved: Take your very best photos of your Embers and Ink things and post them to Instagram with the hashtag #embersandinkinkthewild and tagging me in with @embers_and_ink. Every month I will look through your photos and choose my favourite from that month. And my favourite will get a discount code to embersandink.co.uk! You can photograph anything from embersandink.co.uk as well as anything from my Teemill Clothing Store and my Thortful profile. The winning discount code will only be useable at embersandink.co.uk. Tips for successful photographs: Clean your phone camera lens - it's...

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