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a hand holds a yellow and pink backing board that holds a wooden pin badge of a cat illustration. The cat is blue and white and laying in a cute way
A wooden pin badge is shown that has the illustrated picture of a chute blue and white cat. the cat is sleeping all curled up. it has a chin dot.
A wooden pin featuring a cute sleeping cat that is all curled up is shown on a table. The cat is blue and white with a pink nose and is drawn in a realistic style..
the wooden cat pin basge featuring a sleeping cute cat is pictured attached to a denim jacket pocket.
The rear of the wooden pin badge is shown and it has a metal butterfly clasp.
A hand holds the wooden cat pin badge attached to its cardboard backer. The coardboard backer is yellow and pink. the pink section is at the bottom and holds the words 'wooden pin badge'
The rear of the cardboard backer is shown. it is yellow with black writing that reads:' made with responsibly-sourced sustainable european birtch plywood. It takes up to 24% less energy to produce this wooden pin than an enamel pin! www dot embers and ink dot co dot uk. instagran @ embers underscore and underscore ink.
The wooden pink badge is shown attached to its cardboard backer, inside a cardboard box that is lines with yellow tissue paper, with an Embers and Ink business card. It shows that this pin badge is sent plastic-free.
The wooden pin badge of the black and white cat is held between a finger and thumb - in a close-up shot- you can see the toe-beans on the cat's rear leg.
The wooden cat pin badge is photographed in an open hand as an indicator of size (41mm x 30mm approximately)
The blue and white cute cat wooden pin badge is shown attached to a denim jacket pocket
The wooden pin badge is pictures on its recycled backing board

Dave the Cat Wooden Pin Badge

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This cute-as-heck illustrated blue and white cat pin badge will be a win for your jacket pocket! Made out of sustainable wood and sent plastic-free it is also an eco-friendly choice for the planet-lover in you.

This cute cat badge will definitely appeal to any cat lover. And the story behind the badge is even more lovely:

The cat on the badge is my own cat Dave: best buddy, cuddle lover, and fur distributor. He is the real cat behind the children's book Our Dave. He's my studio buddy and fluffy companion. We've been devastated by the recent news that he has inoperable bowel cancer. So I made this badge to help him live on in some small way. And I also like the idea that he'll get to go on lots of adventures when you take his badge on your jacket pocket or tote bag.

Dave is a special soul, and I hope that he will light up your life with this badge as much as he has lit up mine.


  • Approx 41mm wide and 30mm high
  • Made from sustainably sourced European birch plywood. It takes up to 24% less energy to make than a comparable enamel badge
  • Yellow and pink backing board made from recycled card
  • Responsibly packaged without plastic.

Each purchase also helps to fund tree planting in reforestation projects around the world. Find out more here.

*Please Note: these badges are not suitable for young children due to small parts that pose a choking hazard.

If you are purchasing from outside the UK you may have additional Customs charges to pay.