A hand holds up a sheet of Weekly Planner stickers in front of a colourful wall. Each sheet has 4 week day stickers, 4 weekly goes stickers, 8 mini flag decorative stickers and 14 decorative dot stickers.
A hand is shown easily peeling the Monday sticker off the sticker sheet.
A hand holds the sticker sheet above a green journal.
The sticker sheets are shown resting on an open journal ready for some planning or bullet-journalling.
the weekly planner sticker sheet is shown resting on a closed journal.

Weekly Planner Paper Sticker Sheets for a Calendar, Planner or Journal

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Decorate your calendar, planner or journal with these cute Weekly Planner stickers to keep you organised as you bullet-journal, plan or write in your diary.

With four sets of the days of the week, four weekly goals stickers and loads of decorative dots and flags, your journal will be the best looking journal around!

Each sheet is A6 (105mm x 148mm) and is full with peel-able paper stickers. 

These stickers are printed on 100% recycled face material and water based, recycling compatible acrylic with no volatile organic compounds. When applied, these stickers are 100% recyclable or biodegradable.

The backing for the sticker sheets is made from a siliconised Kraft paper.  It is worth noting that whilst possible, the silicone backing is a little tricky to recycle at household recycling sites. Silicone is inert and free of toxins so would be better off composted or discarded safely in general waste.

Each purchase also helps to fund tree planting in reforestation projects around the world. (See the Environmental Policy for more information on that).