What Teachers REALLY want

I've worked in schools as a teaching assistant, so I know first-hand what teachers  feel when they get another 30 'Best Teacher' mugs to find a home for...
They are so grateful for the thought and the love behind the gift - but in all honesty, it's just too much for them.
Imagine: every year you are given 30 'Best Teacher' mugs, 30 'Best Teacher' teddies / ornaments, and/or 30 'Best Teacher artworks. With the best will in the world, where is it all going to go?
I'll tell you where: best-case scenario it will be 'gifted' to the staffroom or a charity shop. Worst-case scenario it will go in the big black filing cabinet (the bin).
You know the things that teachers really hold on to? Hand-written cards from your child. Maybe a picture drawn by them. I can tell you from me, I've still got a drawer full of such things.
Teacher's honestly would prefer this. It means more, it hasn't cost you as much money, and there is less guilt surrounding what to do with whatever you've bought them.
But if you really do want to buy a physical gifts, can I give you some advice? Make it EDIBLE! Or drinkable. You'll be a legend in the staffroom for years to come!
Grab your fav teacher a card from Embers and Ink. They're bright and colourful, with plenty of space inside for your child to write a hand-written thank-you. And you can rest assured that they're recycled card, plastic-free and each purchase helps to fund tree-planting to help make the world a better place for your child.

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