Shop with me plant more than a tree!

Help me reach my target and I'll plant BUNCHES of trees!

This month I want to do something GOOD FOR THE PLANET while also encouraging you to shop with me in the run up to the Christmas period.

Fans of Embers and Ink will already know that I'm partnered with the environmental organisation Ecologi and through them I:

  • fund the planting of 12 trees each month
  • fund additional trees to be planted for every £8 I earn at

Well in November, I'm promising to go one better.

After being inspired by other small businesses on Instagram who have been tracking their sales towards a target, I decided to get in on the action and do it myself. I've set my target of 25 sales - either through or through in person events. As I've got a market at the end of the month, I feel confident that I'll reach it (but these days, who really knows!).

But here's the really good part: if I reach my target I pledge to pay for and extra 25 trees to be planted in reforestation projects with the help of Ecologi.

If I make it to my target in good time, I will set a stretch target of ANOTHER 25 (50 altogether. And you know what I'll do if I reach another 25 sales? I'll plant another 25 trees!

If you shop with me in November, keep your eye on my Instagram stories, because I'll be filming each time I cross a sale off my tracker and thanking you personally. I've created a stories highlight so you can follow along as the sales tracker fills up!



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