Powered by Plants: A Beautiful Wooden Pin Bundle Offer

I’ve wanted to make pin badges for such a long time, but being an eco-conscious business I assumed that they would be something I couldn’t take part in. So when I found a U.K. manufacturer that makes wooden badges out of sustainable birch plywood, using up to 24% less energy to produce than enamel pin badges, I whooped with joy!
These debut designs are based around an old character I used in a Lino cut print ages ago: I’ve cleaned it up and made it into this super cutie rootie vegetable badge, with an accompanying leaf-shaped badge containing the words ‘Powered by Plants’.
The design is close to my heart because not only is my business powered by plants, but I am too! 

Until the 25th of March 2021 I’m offering BOTH wooden pin badges and a free BONUS small art print featuring the cutie rootie as a bundle for £12.50 (retail value £20). There are only 15 of these bundles available, so grab them while you can!

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