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Learn To Create Your Own Font For FREE

My newest video on YouTube shows you how to create your own font for FREE. 

This is the method I've used to create my hand written font for some of my merchandise copy and how I created the bubble writing font that I use in my YouTube thumbnails.

Sometimes the font's on your computer just don't hit the spot, or sometimes you might just want to type in your own hand-writing. (Teachers, how about making those end of year reports look a bit more personal ... am I right?!)

Click the video above to watch. 

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Cheers mates!

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  • Kyle Nathan Arellano

    Hey, Emma, it’s me again, Kyle, and I have your fonts. But I’m just asking, can I use them for my purpose? I hope you answer me soon.

  • Kyle Nathan Arellano

    Emma, I want to get your font you know the bubble writing font. I really want to have it. But is there a link? I hope you answer me soon.

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