How to celebrate when you're socially distancing

The recent world events of the global pandemic may seem to have thrown a spanner in the works for any celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and more. In this current situation it is of upmost importance that we protect ourselves and each other by keeping a safe distance, covering our faces and following the rules for the maximum number of people allowed at a gathering. But it doesn't mean we can't celebrate at all!

Here are four suggestions for those of you who are celebrating something during the pandemic:

Firstly, keep your sense of humour (if the situation allows).

Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Bar and Bat Mitzvah's etc are perfect examples. (Funerals, not so much. So pick your approach carefully!) But after the year we've all had, most of us need a good laugh, so find a way of sharing the humour. If we don't laugh we'll cry, and I know which one I'd rather be doing.

A hand holds two brightly coloured cards. One has an illustration of hand sanitizer and the words 'it's your birthday, pass around the alcohol' and the other has an illustration of a person in a HAZMAT suit and the words 'tonight we're gonna party like its 2020'
Secondly, send a special gift through the post.
And make it super-unique and special. Make it something that no-one else will have thought of. Small and Independent businesses are the perfect place to go to for gifts like this. They offfer unique items, designed and packaged with love and they will often send directly to your recipient too. And as a bonus, you'll know that you have supported a sector of the economy that has been hit really hard, with many of these small businesses not qualifying for government assistance and falling through the gaps. So there is a double whammy for showing this pandemic who's boss!
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A mug is shown with an illustration of two cats with their tails entwined to make a heart shape above the words Love Cats.
As a third idea, why not arrange a big blow-out celebration for a time in the future when we can all get together again?!
During this pandemic my partner and I have missed out on not only his sister's 40th birthday, but also both of his parent's 70th birthdays... so instead of being discouraged, we are planning on all celebrating those birthdays together in the future with a collective 180th birthday party!
A hand holds a colourful card with an illustration os an older lady looking shocked under the words 'you're HOW old?!'
And lastly, don't forget to use the wonder of modern technology.
I know we can all get a little bit blaze about the technology we have at our fingertips, and by now we might have a bit of Zoom-Burnout! But just imagine if the pandemic had hit in the 80's. We didn't have the internet then. We couldn't see our loved-one's faces when we called them up, like they were right next to us. I know it isn't the same, but it is marvellous that we can talk to people on the other side of the world and have a face to face conversation like they are in the same room. I know it is a second best to seeing someone in person, but as far as second bests go, it's pretty amazing. And you don't get the worry that you are going to inadvertantly infect your loved one. Win, win!
I hope this blog has given you some ideas for those socially distanced celebrations. I think the most important point out of all of them, however, if to keep a sense of humour. We will get through this, and it won't be forever, so let's share a smile to help make that transition a bit easier!
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