Embers and Ink is a Plastic-Free Champion!

I recently signed up Embers and Ink to Plastic-Free Communities created by Surfers Against Sewage, because I wanted to connect with like-minded businesses and individuals to help with with plastic-crisis that we face as a global family.
As part of the sign-up process I was asked to detail all the ways I have cut down on single use plastic use. The list was long, but it was nice to actually put it all down in words: it came to quite a list!
And I'm blown away that I've been awarded this Plastic-Free Champion award. It comes with a nice wooden plaque that will arrive through the post soon. I'll be able to display this in my studio - when I'm not displaying it at markets!
You can also sign up as individuals and by doing so, you will get help and support for cutting out plastic in your lives too.
Find out more by heading to https://plasticfree.org.uk and see what impact you can make today ❤️

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