Join in with ‘Colour Friday’ on 26th November 2021

Colour Friday is coming!

This year, instead of Christmas shopping on boring Black Friday, put the colour back in your life by shopping with indie businesses on the newly-named Colour Friday! It's a thing!


  • Shockingly, half of all UK small businesses are genuinely worried about not surviving in 2022 (How the heck they'll be able to afford their trip into space AND pay their taxes, who knows.)
  • 90% of Brits polled by Holly & Co in 2021 claimed they care about the future of small independent businesses.

Put this together and what have you got? The potential for some real social change, that's what.

Amazon, Dyson, Shein and Currys will survive this year if we don't buy from them. At worst they may have to forego that trip into space.

But if we don't cultivate that local, independent scene? That unique, colourful and vibrant scene? That change-making, tax-paying, doing it all for the community scene? Well, that will be lost and real people will lose real income for real families in YOUR community. Forget about trips into space, we're talking no food on the table.

Why Shop Small? Let me tell you!

  • We care about the communities we exist in
  • Unless it's made-to-measure, Indie Businesses have their stock ready to go! You don't have to worry about your presents being stuck on a container ship...
  • Shopping small gets you UNIQUE GIFTS. (No worrying if Aunty Sandra has also taken advantage of that same Amazon offer).
  • Indie Businesses are customer orientated. We literally couldn't do what we do without you, so we treat you like the GOLD you are.
  • We go the extra mile. A nice note, a little freebie, amazing packaging... It's all because we care.
  • We pay our taxes (*cough* BEZOS *cough*) and spend our earnings back into the community. We don't squirrel it away on that trip into space...

On Colour Friday, for one day only I will be increasing my website tree-planting app from one tree funded for every £8 I earn to one tree funded for EVERY ITEM PURCHASED!

You'll be able to follow along and see how many trees were planted by visiting my Ecologi page, here:

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