A Print Club for Cat Lovers is HERE!

If you love cats, you'll love this!

This year my Patreon Print Club is EXTRA amazing with a FANTASTIC selection of prints featuring bright and colourful cat illustrations!

Each month that you are a member of my Print Club Tier over on Patreon you'll get that month's print sent to your door.

Each print is 21cm x 21cm, printed on high quality recycled paper and sent to you plastic-free. Plus, because Print Club is super exclusive your print will be one of only five printed. Nice!

How to get involved:

If you want to be a member of my Patreon Print Club all you need to do is be a UK resident and head to www.patreon.com/EmmaWoodthorpe and join the Print Club Tier. Click the button below to check out the membership tiers I have on offer.



Patreon is really flexible and you can cancel your membership at any time, or change your tier at any time too.

Head to www.patreon.com/EmmaWoodthorpe to join today.

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