A pink pencil with embossed white writing is pictured. The writing reads Write Your Own Story.
A close up to the slight damamge that is reducing the pencil's price. Slight cracking of paint around the embossing site.

Write Your Own Story Motivational Pencil - Slight Seconds #2

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This bright and bold 2B pencil is a slight seconds version of my Write Your Own Story Motivational Pencil.
Please note the slight imperfections that are reducing this price before considering purchase. When you buy this product you are accepting that these items have slight imperfections:

- Slight cracking in the paint and/or empossing imperfections
- See Photographs for details.

This pencil is guaranteed to put the pep back in your step. Your own story is worth writing, so grab this pencil and get going! Of course, you might just like a nice shiny pencil to brighten up your desk - and in that case, this will still do the trick.

The vibrant pink 'Write Your Own Story' motivational pencil is a 2B graphite pencil with a pink eraser and a gold clamp. It is made with wood from sustained yeild forests and comes unsharpened as standard.

Please note: the pencil 'lead' is standard grey graphite (2B) - it is just the outer colour that is pink!

These funky pencils measure 19cm long, are 0.6cm in diameter and have a hexagonal shape. One supplied.

Not only is it made from sustainable yield forests, but it is sent to you plastic-free. *Winner winner tofu dinner!*

Please Note: if you are purchasing from outside the UK you may have additional Customs charges to pay.