A hand holds up a portrait-orientated small art print of A6 dimensions. It has an orange background and an illustration of a yellow salt pig and an orange pepper mill. above it are the words Salt and Pepper's Here.
The Salt and Pepper's Here small aty print is shown on a table.

Salt and Pepper's Here Small Art Print

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This small art print is for all the sexy people.... And if you get that reference than you are destined for this print! If you are a fan of the 80s and 90s scene, love colour and have a wicked sense of humour then these art prints are right up your street! Featuring an illustrated salt pig and pepper mill, next to the words Salt and Pepper's Here, this illustrated small print plays on a famous 90s song lyric.

And its perfect for the kitchen too!

This bright and colourful print is A6 size (105mm x 148mm) and there is sufficient blank space on the back that you could send this as a postcard if you wanted to. It is printed on recycled card and sent to you plastic-free.

Please Note: These are blank on the back

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