A collaged image shows a small art print with a blue background and a pink illustrated smiling root vegetable surrounded by yellow banners with the words 'powered by plants' on them. The necxt two images are photographs of wooden ins held in open hands. One pin is green, in the shape of a leaf, and has the words 'powered by Plants' in the centre, and the other is a smiling pink root vegetable with green leaves for hair. The last image shows both badges and small art print laying on an open cardboard box.
The cutie rootie smiling pink beetroot wooden pin badge is shown leaning against a piece of slate
The powered by Plants wooden pin padge is shown proped up on a piece of slate.
A hand holds the Powered by Plants / cutie rootie small art print.
The cutie rootie wooden badge is held in an open palm
The Powered by Plants leaf-shaped wooden pin badge is shown in an open palm.
The small art print featuring the cutie rootie and the words 'powered by plants' is shown in an open carboard mailing box.
The tow wooden badges are shown side by side in the cardboard postal mailing box
A hand holds the cutie rootie wooden pin badge on its backing board which is yellow, with a pink banner along the bottom containing the words 'wooden pin badge'
A hand holds the leaf shaped powered by plants wooden pin on its backing board which is yello with a pink banner along the bottom containing the words 'wooden pin badge'
The tow badges and small art print are displated on their open postal packing box.

Plant Lover's Pin Bundle

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This bundle is perfect for anyone who loves pins badges, anyone who loves plants, anyone who eats plants, and anyone who loves their purchases to be sent plastic-free.

This bundle contains:

  • One Cutie Rootie smiling root vegetable wooden pin badge (approx. 26 mm x 32 mm)
  • One 'Powered by Plants' green leaf wooden pin badge (approx. 32 mm x 18 mm)
  • A bonus A6 small-art print featuring the Cutie Rootie on a blue background, surrounded by yellow banners reading 'Powered by Plants' (110 mm x 148 mm)

It is ideal for anyone who is a lover of plants, or indeed anyone who is a Vegan or Vegetarian.

The wooden badges are made in the UK from responsibly-sourced European Birch Plywood, and the small art print and backing boards are made from recycled card and paper.

As always with Embers and Ink I package your items responsibly without plastic.

Please Note: if you are purchasing from outside the UK you may have additional Customs charges to pay.