Image shows a hand holding an A6 notebook with a Pink illustrated cat in front of a light orange sun on a darker orange background.
A hand holds open the A6 pink sunset cat notebook to show the pages are unruled, and the inside of the cover is bright pink.
The A6 Pink Sunset Cat Notebook is lating on a colourful table.

Pink Sunset Cat A6 Notebook

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Cat lovers everywhere, get your paws on this gorgeous A6 notepad featuring an illustrated feline basking in the warm sunset!

This notebook has 48 blank pages (sides), so you can use this as a notebook, planner, sketchpad or whatever you like! I didn't want to dictate how you should use this book. It is yours, let your imagination run free!

This beautiful notebook has a recycled card-stock cover featuring a smiling pink cat, in front of a light orange sun, with a darker orange background. And as a nice surprise the cover has a flash of pink on the inside when you open it.

The notebook mearures 105mm x 148mm, and has 48 internal plain white internal pages that are staplebound. It has a recycled cover and is cute as heck. And even better, you can recycle it when you're finished and I send it plastic-free as standard.

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