on a table lays the Our Dave rhyming children's picture book and the Our Dave colouring Book. Both covers show a cat sitting on a wall next to a toy mouse. The children's book is coloured blue, red, black and white and the colouring book is black and white
A hand holds up the Our Dave colouring book above a table covered in coloured pencils
A hand holds open the colouring book to show the inside cover - which has a welcome note-  and the first page which shows a cat looking out of a window. both pages are black and white and ready to be coloured in.
Our Dave is laying on a table on its own
A hand flicks through the pages of Our Dave to show the illustrated pages inside.
Our Dave is shown wrapped in yellow tissue paper

Our Dave Children's Book and Colouring Book Multi-Buy

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Our Dave is the story of a very special cat who is in desperate need of a new home. Abandoned by his old owners and left to battle loneliness and loss in the cat shelter, will he ever find a loving family again?

Our Dave is a rhyming children's picture book written and illustrated by me, Emma Woodthorpe. This first edition print run was funded by supporters over on Kickstarter who helped fund the printing in 48 hours! In total, we over doubled our target!

The Our Dave Colouring Book has 8 internal pages (sides) to colour in or 12 pages including the cover which has been left black and white and fully colour-inable! Designed to accompany the book, the colouring book provides a great activity to keep young minds active.

Hear me read through the story on YouTube here:

Our Dave was released on 30th September 2020

Paperback: 32 pages
Publisher: Embers and Ink Publishing (30 September 2020)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1-8380088-0-2
Age range - Independent readers: 5-7 years (Or any age being read to!)
Dimension: 203mm x 203mm x 3mm
Copyright Emma Woodthorpe

"This is a beautiful book with a beautiful message that utterly warmed our hearts. A must-read for cat loving families everywhere."
- The Sheffield Cats Shelter.


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