A hand holds an A5 notepad with the words Let's Do This along the top and four white boxes int he middle of a brightly coloured patterned background. The topleft boxes are names Work List and life list (which are bigger boxes of equal size) and 'top priorities' and Notes/Ideas' which are smaller boxes, but the smae size as each other.
A hand flicks through the 50 pages of the notepad.
The Let's Do This A5 Notepad is pictured on a colourful desk.
The Let's Do this Notepad is pictured with a pen on top to give context.

Let's Do This - A5 Planner Notepad

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To-do lists don't need to be boring! Bright, funky and practical, this A5 notepad puts the pep in your step, cheerleading you with its call: LET'S DO THIS! It's enough to make you want to pick up a pen and start sorting your life out straight away.
With 50 tear-off paper sheets, this notepad will keep you organised for a long time to come. Either use a new sheet every day, or keep adding to it and crossing items off until it is full (you'll get more out of it this way).

And it's not all about work: this A5 planner is has a 'Life List' section as well as a 'Work List' section. They're are equally weighted, becasue no-one wants to be a workaholic and forget how to live. So get planning some life-to-do's too! There are also small sections for your Top Priorities and for your Notes and Ideas.

The A5 'Let's Do It' planner is A5 (148mm x 210mm), has 50 easy-tear 100gsm pages and a greyboard backer to keep it sturdy. Better than that, I send it out plastic-free, and the pages can be recycled easily after use. *Niiiice!*

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