A collage image shows a hand holding a white mug with a drawing of a cat wearing shades and clicking its fingers above the words Cool Cat. Underneath are four images of greetings cards. The first has a drawing of four cats wearing shades above the words Cool Four Cats. The next is a postcard of the neighbourhood watch logo, but drawn with cats instead of people. The next is greetings card with a drawing of tow cats leaning together with their tials making a heart shape above the wrds Love Cats. The last is
A hand holds the mug with an illustration of the cool cat: wearing shades and clicking fingers above the words cool cat
The mug is shown with its cardboard presentation box
The cool cat mug is shown on the reverse to show that the illustration is on both sides.
A hand holds the cool cat card.
A hand holds the Cool Four Cats card.
A hand holds the Love Cats card
A hand holds the Neighbourhood watch postcard. It is black, white and yellow.

Cat Lover's Bundle

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Cat Lovers ASSEMBLE!

This mega-bundle is purrfect for any cat lover. I donate £1 to The Sheffield Cats Shelter for every mug bought, so this bundle does well for the cats in the shelter as well as for you.

Contained in this cat-lover's bundle is:

  • one 10oz ceramic Cool Cat mug and presentation box
  • one A6 Cool Cat greetings card (10.5cm x 14.8cm) and envelope
  • one A6 Love Cats greetings card (10.5cm x 14.8cm) and envelope
  • one A6 Cool Four Cats greetings card (14.8cm x 10.5cm) and envelope
  • one A6 Neighbourhood Watch Cats postcard (10.5cm x 14.8cm)

The cards are blank inside for your own message. Send them to someone you love, or frame them on your wall. The Neighbourhood Watch Cats postcard is perfect for putting in your window to amuse your neighbours. The illustration on the mug is featured on both sides.

As always with Embers and Ink, this bundle will be sent plastic-free. The packing peanuts I use to protect the mug are made out of cornstarch and can be composted or dissolved in hot water. Magic!

Please Note: if you are purchasing from outside the UK you may have additional Customs charges to pay.