Image shows a white ceramic mug with an illustration of the yellow neighbourhood watch logo, but populated with cats.
A hand holds the yellow neighbourhood watch cats mug, showing that the illustration is on both sides.
Image shows Neighbourhood Watch Cats mug on top of its cardboard presentation box with paper labels that have an image of the illustration on it. No plastic is used.
A hand holds the neighbourhood watch cats mug in a palm to show the size in the hand. It is a regular 10oz mug.
The Neighbourhood watch cats mug is shown on a bright and colourful background.
A hand holds the Neighbourhood Watch Cats Mug from the handle.

Neighbourhood Watch Cats Ceramic Mug

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Anyone who has a cat will know that the neighbourhood is always being watched by them, and this 10oz ceramic mug pays homage to them. It features the Neighbourhood Watch logo - but populated with cats!

If you have cats or have seen them inspecting you from the other side of the window, you will understand that this Cat Neighbourhood Watch image is bang on! They are the furry sentries of our streets, posted in every other window - keeping watch. For what, we are unsure!

The background mug is white, and the cat illustration is featured on both sides.

These mugs have a social heart, and £1 from the sale of each mug will be donated to The Sheffield Cat Shelter.

The mug comes in its own cardboard presentation box, with paper labels. Both the box and the labels are recyclable and compostable. To protect in transit, I use biodegradable and disolvable packing peanuts which have been saved from landfil. No plastic in sight!

Please Note: if you are purchasing from outside the UK you may have additional Customs charges to pay.