Tips for buying a winning Father's Day gift

Dads! Argh, what a pain to buy for! And with Father's Day fast approaching on the 20th June 2021, you don't have much time to grab him a gift. Well, don't dispair, I've got some Father's Day gift ideas for you:


Start with a card

A card for Father's Day is fundamental. With a card you can write a hand-written message inside and it is often more meaningful than a gift. I know that my dad was never bothered about getting a gift: just another thing to pretend to like! So get a good card. And while your there make it planet-friendly. Did you know that glossy cards and glittery cards can't be recycled and actually contribute to micro-plastic pollution? So get a card without glitter, and ideally one that's been made from recycled card. All Embers and Ink cards are printed on recycled card, and each purchase helps to plant trees in reforestation projects around the world. What a winner!


Does your dad have a hobby or a passion?

A hobby or passion is a great place to start for gifts. My dad LOVED cats as much as I do, so if I were buying for my dad today, I'd look for something cat related. Either a cat card or a cat gift. Or maybe a donation to a cat charity. Think outside the box: giving to charity is a great gift because it makes a difference and stops your dad having to find a place to display your gift when you come to visit!

Make him laugh!
Getting a gift or card that will make your dad laugh is an instant winner, because who doesn't like a laugh? And after the year we've had, that might be the best gift ever.


Get personal

If you want to make your Father's Day gift really special, make it personal. Have you got a nice photo of the two of you together? Think about what you can do with it. Get it framed, print it on a card, or maybe commission a unique portrait based on the photo.

And don't forget to speak from the heart. Because one day you'll be looking back like I am now, and will wish you said 'I love you' a lot more. So say it!



Father's Day Ideas

I've got a wholw collection dedicated to Father's Day ideas. I know each dad is different, but have a look because it is always good to have a starting place:


Written by Emma Woodthorpe.

Emma Woodthorpe is the human behind Embers and Ink, bringing you illustrated loveliness that has a dash of humour and lashings of social conscience. Embers and Ink funds 11 trees each month to be planted in reforestation projects around the world, and in addition every purchase helps to fund the planting of even more trees. Embers and Ink is a business with heart, and all of your purchases will be sent plastic-free as standard.

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