Pro-Tips for buying a Thank You Teacher gift...

School's (nearly) out for summer and now comes the inevitable searching for gifts for your child's teacher... but STOP!
I used to be a teaching assistant in a wonderful primary school, and I've got some insider knowledge from the staffroom for you: your child's teacher does not want another 'best teacher' mug...true fact!
They are likely to get around 30 of these each year...with the best will in the world, there is just not enough space!
So save your money and the planet's resources by following this pro-tip:
  • All a teacher or teaching assistant really wants is a Thank You card that's been hand-written by your child. That's it!
I've still got a drawer-full of all the cards I've been given, alongside all the drawings that the kids have done for me through the years. Honestly, these are the gifts that touch a heart and really mean something.
And if you really want to give a gift this year:
  • MAKE IT EDIBLE! A bottle of wine, a cake, a box of chocolates... your teacher will whoop for joy when they see you walking in with that on the last day of term! And you'll go down as a legend in the staffroom... A LEGEND I TELL YOU!

I've got a lovely range of Thank You Teacher / Teaching Assistant cards. These guys have been printed in small runs, so the chances of giving the same card as someone else is slim. Plus, they're printed on recycled card, are bright and funky, and are blank inside with LOADS of space for that thank you message.

Even better: each purchase helps to fund tree planting in reforestation projects around the world. Whoop!

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